The still budding advotec. Collection has been continually expanded since 2007 in collaboration with Neuer Kunstverein Gießen and is curated by Markus Lepper. For building the collection a dialogic approach was taken in which the scope for the dialog between the works of two artists was defined through the annually staged exhibition format “Kunst-Stücke” with two respective artistic positions.

From this a complex system of relations with changing partners—between the works of an artist and between the works of a yearly grouping—and consequently a relation of all pieces of the collection has been created. Since then, the initially defined scope has been exceeded so that the works of art encourage dialog with the employees.

The leitmotif of the collection is curiosity—though not in the sense of voyeurism—for we allow ourselves to be drawn into a dialog. We want to discover what the proximity of Ekrem Yalçindağ’s ornamental plastic structures to Lucie Beppler’s seemingly fragile graphic textures provokes, how their relation is influenced by Philipp Hennevogl’s detailed abstract realism and how this affects us.

Hence, new situations constantly arise, not just for lovers of art but for our patent attorneys as well who keep works of art in view of their desk and benefit from this in a very special way.

Art liberates, evolves and invites us again and again to discover something that transcends mundane materiality.


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